Allergies & Health Assessments

BodiSync offers comprehensive Health Assessments using the world renowned Asyra system. This system is also used to provide Food Sensitivity Testing (over 200 foods can be tested). 

The Asyra system heralds a new dimension in health assessments and consequently in providing better, more accurate treatment protocols. 

It is quick, easy, accurate and completely painless delivering demonstrable gains in your health. The Asyra takes energetic readings by measuring electrically your body's response to signal outputs from the device. By testing thousands of signals a picture of the health status is built up in moments allowing the best course of treatment for you to be developed. Your own remedies can be imprinted in the device to enhance your treatment. 

Allergy Treatments

BodiSync also offers allergy and food intolerance treatments using the NAET protocol. 

NAET®, is a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to eliminate allergies of all types and intolerance's using the principles of Chinese medicine and the movement of energy in the channels or meridians which flow through the body. When the energy of a substance interferes with the smooth flow Qi or blocks the channel, then illness arises.